Alex Bainter

Software engineer focused on front-end web development

South Dakota, US


Hello, I'm Alex. I love building useful products for every device with the power of the web platform.


2022–2023 & 2018–2019

Senior Front-end Engineer (remote) - Swimlane

I helped develop the web interface for a large security automation platform built with Angular.js and Angular 2+. I was mostly focused on completing the transition to Angular 2+ and preparing the app for deployment as a multi-tenant cloud service.

TypeScript • Angular • Angular.js • RxJS • NgRx • Cypress • webpack


Developer (remote) - Sanctuary Computer

I helped develop a mobile app for managing an IoT device with React Native, Redux, and native platform modules, especially the device provisioning flow. I also lead the front-end implementation of a new Stripe partner app with React and remote-ui.

TypeScript • React • React Native • Redux • remote-ui • Java • Swift


Senior Software Engineer (remote) - Labelbox

I helped develop a data labeling platform for creating machine learning datasets. I led the initial front-end implementation of video navigation and labeling capabilities with React and Redux.

TypeScript • React • Redux • Jest • webpack • Rollup


Software Engineer, Front-end Chapter Lead - Spreetail

In addition to developing critical internal web tools for running the company's operations, I set standards for front-end development across the entire engineering department, creating extensive internal tooling to support engineers, and trained and mentored engineers in front-end development.

JavaScript • Knockout.js • React • Yeoman



A generative music platform for the web. Comprised of an offline-ready, progressive web app for playing music, a separate recording web app, and an Electron desktop app.

JavaScript • React • Redux • S3 • CloudFront • Lambda • Electron


My other personal site, used as a blog, project listing, and more. It's more focused on my creative work than my professional experience.

Next.js • TypeScript • React


A chatbot web app which answers common questions and directs people to an appropriate email address to reach me when necessary. It has significantly improved the quality of email I receive from strangers.

JavaScript • React



B.S. Computer Science - University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Minors in Mathematics and Business Administration
Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management graduate